‘90s/2000s Alt-rock & pop-punk Party BanD

Let’s Rage


Tired of the same songs, different band? We know the feeling. Formed in 2016 by four dudes frustrated with more of the same, Louisville-based THROWBACK THURSDAY is everything missing from today’s nightlife scene.

With shows that feel more like house parties, THROWBACK THURSDAY bridges the gap between high-energy millennial favorites and well-loved Gen-X classics. We’ll take you back to the glory days of TRL and Warped Tour, and keep the party going all night long (or until your Uber shows up).

Vocals, Guitar / Guy Lyner
Guitar, Vocals / Biff
Bass / Carlos Danger
Drums / Jake



 tribute nights

Didn’t get a chance to see your favorite bands live? Bummed out that Warped Tour isn’t touring anymore? We’ve got you covered.
THROWBACK THURSDAY performs the following tribute events, giving fans the closest-thing-to-the-real-thing:

Green Day vs. blink-182
Warped Tour (various artists)